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  1. Memories of Eldorado, the Athens Eatery Where The Squalls, B-52’s Once Worked – Eldredge Atlanta
    November 29, 2017 @ 12:22 pm

    […] At some point, I became the person in charge of creating the lunch menu for the Eldorado. Each day, after either having worked the breakfast shift or just coming by to eat breakfast, the lunch cooks informed me of the day’s entrees, and I would write out the menu and go to get copies of it made. There was a small copy shop (copies were fairly new in those days) on Clayton next to Chick Piano where I would get them copied, although later I would go to Kinko’s, which had higher quality reproduction. When in high school, I became fascinated by the “psychedelic” lettering in San Francisco posters and so I transferred that fascination to the Eldorado menus, each day creating a new logo for the restaurant to memorialized many an event, whether it be a holiday like April Fool’s Day or a more personal event such as the wedding of Joel Cordele and Alice Samson. (See a photo gallery of Eldorado menus here). […]


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