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  1. Sheree
    February 16, 2019 @ 6:57 pm

    Betty Hutton was a sad character when Robert Osborne interviewed her. There were many topics she would not allow RO to discuss, many! When she was at the top of her career she burned a lot of bridges. She was an egotist. She treated people very badly. She thought she was entitled to the biggest and the best of everything the studios and the directors could give her over the other actors and actresses. She really, really played the blame game in that interview. She was hateful to others. In the interview nothing was ever her fault, it was everybody else’s. She once asked Dorothy Lamour why people didn’t like her…Dorothy told her “you cannot treat people the way that you do and expect them to like you”. Later in her life she tried to reconcile with her children…Betty’s ego once again kicked in and made everything about her, no interest in her children at all!!! Her children had had enough at that point and walked away for good. They refused to even attend her funeral. The same happened with her sister that she told RO that she supposedly missed so much. Her sister had had enough of Betty and her ego and crazy, insane, manic ways. She too walked away from Betty for good! All of her husbands walked away from her, even her studio walked away from her after the last movie she made for them made $12 million dollars!! But it wasn’t Betty that made that money for them like she wanted to believe. Howard Keel was a much bigger star then Betty was or would ever become! Betty was 2nd choice for the role of Annie Get Your Gun not first choice. Somewhere along the way Betty forgot that. She made life miserable for cast and crew but complains to Osborne that THEY treated her bad!!! She never took responsibility for the things that happened in her life. Always blaming others!! She got fired from Paramount Studios, at the time their biggest star, because she went to the head of Paramount and insisted that he make her then husband the director of all of her movies! He had never directed a movie before! She raised a big fuss, threatened, screamed, yelled and carried on over them refusing to hire him. They had had enough of her, they fired her at the top of her career and they walked away for good!! Word has it that Paramount was so upset at this unappreciative actress that they called the other studios and had her blackballed. These are a few of the topics that I would be willing to guess RO wasn’t to speak of. Oh, btw, the husband Betty lost her job over divorced her and married Patti Page.
    So needless to say, RO’s interview with Hutton was a sad one or so it seems. Never forget she was an actress so I questioned the sincerity on her all that she said and all the tears and her actions. I have read a lot on Hutton. I think she felt very sorry for herself. But whenever someone gave her another chance in her older years she would revert back to the egotistical younger Hutton and the people trying to give her the second or third chance couldn’t take her any more. She put on a sad pitiful figure for Tobery Osborne but I don’t think she gave an honest interview. Again, nothing that happened in her life was ever any fault of her own, it was always someone else’s fault. Her ego never left her. She was no Judy Garland and if she lived to be 150 could have never reached Judy’s star status. I think she was missed casted for AGYG too. A part better suited for Doris Day, Mitzi Gaynor and preferably Judy Garland who was in no condition at the time. Betty was always so over the top. I would ask myself, is it over yet. She needed to be under a Drs care. Someone that could really help her. Unfortunately, I don’t think that ever crossed her mind.


  2. Robert
    March 18, 2017 @ 11:22 pm

    Great Betty Hutton interview. Today, March 18 of 2017, TCM had the Robert Osborne interview with Ms Hutton.
    What a wonderful and lovely woman she was, inside and out !!


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