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  1. Noel Mayeske
    November 26, 2022 @ 9:31 pm

    Great backstory, Rich! Loved reading this.

    I met the owner (whose name maddeningly escapes me now – Jim, I believe) of Sky Records during Mach II of Pylon – back when you and I both were writing for Footnotes, I think.

    I was present at Pylon’s “Second Last Show” – at the 40 Watt on Friday, November 22, 1991. The Sky Records owner was there. He had released Pylon’s “Chain,” which I’d reviewed for Footnotes (I’d also interviewed the band for that pub – which is probably why I knew him).

    Anyway – I remember standing there with him saying your label has got to release a live Pylon record – it’s the real Pylon. He said, confidentially, he may be releasing that 1991 show. Unfortunately, I believe the label folded not much later, and of course it was never released.

    My point being: there are probably other good Pylon soundboards out there, at least from Mach II, that could be released. I for one would gobble up any of them if that ever happened.


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